Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Kindnesses

Earlier today a guest at St. George's guest house became faint and collapsed near the front desk. When I learned of the incident the staff had already made her comfortable and called for an ambulance. The Israeli emergency medical team was talking to the woman, suggesting that running some tests at the hospital was probably a good idea. Having been on the receiving end of such an incident, I know how very much you do NOT want to be taken to the hospital. Denial sets in immediately and going to the hospital means something may actually be wrong. She explained to the team that she would get up in just a moment and be fine. Her words were slow, though, and she was obviously not going anywhere on her own steam. The team leader patiently and kindly kept encouraging her to go for some tests. In addition to this man's gentle manner, there were three other attendants whom I learned were 11th and 12 grade Jewish Israeli students who volunteered their time every Saturday to work in ICU or on an ambulance. They were most impressive.

Sometimes in crises our common humanity takes over and potential enemies become people just like us.

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