Sunday, April 26, 2015

With the Art Bus in Hebron

So many happy children! Busy selecting colorful beads from trays, scrambling on the floor of the bus for a few they dropped, stringing them on a plastic cord to make their bracelet, holding them up for the admiration of their teacher.

Many have ambitious visions. Not so many realize their vision. Khitam Edelbi is one, and Palestinian children are the beneficiary. It's taken years of work, but a combination of passion and perseverance, and the loyal support of friend Al Miller, have created the Art Bus.

The idea is simple. To bring joy and fun to young Palestinian children growing up in a time and a place made difficult by the Israeli occupation. To see how the Art Bus works, just click on the link. Pretty cool, huh?

Last Thursday, Khitam and Al picked me up in East Jerusalem and we headed for Hebron where the Bus was currently doing its magic. I assumed Khitam had to be there for the show to begin, but I learned on the way down that she has trained about 60 teachers and volunteers how to use the Art Bus for a range of children and circumstances. Brilliant!

When we arrived, the action had already begun, so we climbed on board to see how it works. The kids were eager but well-disciplined to wait their turn. Lots of happy faces.

Getting ready
Getting instructions
Getting to work

The Art Bus team

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